Students perform for Beaufort Chamber of Commerce

Our students performed a few numbers from the play for the Beaufort Chamber of Commerce.

The Beaufort Gazette captured a few moments.

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Public Performance a Success!

The Nov. 2nd public performance of both the Elementary School version and the Middle/High School version of “When You See Something, Say Something” was a great success.

The play has a number of examples of bullying situations and some of their ramification. Bellow is a physical bullying example from the performance.

Bully Fight

However, the following image is from the Good vs. Bad Thoughts scene which is a stark illustration of the effects verbal bullying can have.


Much more to come.




Public Performance – Saturday, Nov. 2

The first public performance of the new play will be on Saturday, November 2nd at the Performing Arts Center at Beaufort High School.

When You See Something, Say Something will be performed at 7:30pm.

While the play is aimed at middle & high school students, its powerful message definitely resonates with adults.

In addition, the Drama III students have developed a play geared towards elementary school children.

This play will premiere at 6:00pm.

Admission is $3 for each play, or $5 to see both.

What’s with all the talk of bullying?

When talking about bullying with adults, it’s not unusual to hear something along the line of “bullying makes you tougher” or “builds character”. Generally speaking, from older gentlemen, often in relation to some athletic activities.

Without debating whether social bullying can act as a catalyst for the victim toughening up or become a trigger for alienation, there is a major difference between 15 years ago and now… The internet.

How different would you feel if the humiliation you experienced was put up for everyone to see, forever?

Here is a short video from the play explaining the four types of bullying.

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The new play will be performed on November 2, 2013 at the Beaufort High Arts Center

A show for a new year

2012 Anti-Bully Play

Our original anti-bullying play “When You See Something, Say Something” has been a great success.  This year, we will be building upon our success with some brand new scenes. Our students are hard at work preparing for upcoming performances.

Mark your calendars, November 2nd is the first public performance at Beaufort High School.

Come see the powerful work that the students have created.

Chapel Hill Rotary Performance a rousing success!

Our performers were met with standing ovation from the Zone 33 Rotary Peace Symposium in Chapel Hill.

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Afterwards, many of the Rotarians stopped by to personally congratulate our actors on a fantastic job.

The play is a reminder that Bullying is an ever present problem in society.  It is not always obvious physical bullying. It sometimes is subtle social bullying that often goes unnoticed or is simply ignored.  Sadly, many bullying incidents could be avoided if bystanders would simply say something.

If you would like to learn more about the play, don’t hesitate to use the contact us link.


It’s Official…Chapel Hill, Here We Come!!!

The votes are in, and we have just received word that “When You See Something, Say Something” will be performed at the Rotary Zone 33 Peace Symposium in Chapel Hill, NC on Friday April 5th!

This is a major symposium encompassing Rotary Clubs from West Virginia, Maryland, DC, Virginia, Tennessee in addition to North and South Carolina. The keynote speaker will be past Rotary International President, Wilfred J. Wilkinson.

This fantastic opportunity would not have been possible without the generous financial contribution of the local Beaufort Rotary organizations. In less than 48 hours, they raised enough funds to cover the cost of bringing 30 students to Chapel Hill.

We are honored and humbled to participate in this event.





The Intrepid Cast of When You See Something, Say Something

Cast - When you See Something, Say Something

Beaufort Gazette Article

The Beaufort Gazette had a good article about the play going to the South Carolina Rotary Convention.

School drama director LaRaine Fess and her troupe performed their play throughout Beaufort County for all sixth-graders earlier this year and plan to continue spreading their message with the help of Rotary.

Already, students have received letters, emails and voice messages from Beaufort County middle school students saying the play has changed their perspective on bullying.

You can read the entire article here.

Anti-Bullying play performed at SC Rotary Convention!

On Saturday, March 23rd 2013, the Beaufort High School Drama IV students were in Myrtle Beach to perform their anti-bullying play “When you see something, say something” to the South Carolina State Rotary Convention.

The play was a resounding success. The students earned a standing ovation from all the Rotarians present.

In fact, the group was invited to perform the play at the National Rotary Convention!

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